Friday 28 April 2017

‘Sweet April showers do spring May flowers’……. Thomas Tusser


Headteacher’s Comments

Welcome to the Summer Term

The children all returned after the Spring break looking relaxed and ready for a very busy summer term ahead. We have started the term with a focus on wellbeing and being healthy. We will be launching our whole school food policy and useful resources on the website/learning zone next week. We continue to encourage the children to make healthy food choices and work in partnership with all the NES families. We appreciate that it can be a challenge at times to consistently provide healthy lunches but we think that together we can make a difference. We will continue to work with Harrisons to ensure school meals are healthy. There will be plenty of ideas and discussions available on the learning zone to help.

We are also really excited to announce that we have been awarded with the funding for a second daily mile track in our Upper Key Stage playground and are just waiting for the lines to be painted. Please can we remind everyone to have trainers in school and that from September 2017 black trainers will be officially a part of the uniform.


Whole School



We would like to say a big thank you to everyone in the school community and particularly the PTA who provided us with the funding for the new mound in the Year2/3 playground. It has been wonderful to see the children enjoying the space and without the critical fundraising these projects would not be possible. Contrary to media coverage the cuts to school budgets are very real and we need all the support we can get in order to maintain NES as the amazing school it is.

Please, please don’t forget the school Fete Saturday 20th May, there is so much you can do to help on the day, during the build-up and behind the scenes. Please contact your class rep or the PTA directly.


Tesco Funding

Mrs Gordon has been very busy looking at alternative funding streams to add to the school budget and to add to the funding raised by the PTA. We have been successful in our Tesco bag bid. Please see below for the stores participating and if you can choose NES as the charity.


Organisation Name – North Ealing Primary School; Project Title – Sensory Garden

Please see below a list of stores taking part in the voting on your project.
















To check the location of any of the above stores, please go to the Tesco website here:



There are just short of 100 pupils from Year 3 to Year 6 attending the fortnightly Gymnastics Clubs after school on Tuesdays and Fridays at North Ealing, where the British Amateur Gymnastics Awards are practiced and regularly achieved. From these children, 17 were chosen last term to compete in the Borough Competitions against other Ealing Schools. The Year 5/6 teams came a commendable 7th out of 27 teams entered; and the Year 4 team came 5th out of 21 teams – missing out on medals by only a couple of points.

All the competitors have great ability and hopefully will have learnt from performing in front of judges, to take their performances to an even higher level in the future.

Pupil Achievements


Year 6 Writing

Congratulations to Rayan from 6M who has written ideas towards a final chapter of the class reader ‘Graveyard Book’ by Neil Gaiman.


‘Sitting on a tattered, weather-beaten bench, kicking piles of crispy rusty shaded leaves Bod pondered the journey ahead of him. Almost unbelievably Bod’s life was no longer in danger having finally defeated the Jacks of all trades. Above the clouds, the sun beams brightly as did Bod’s heart – he did not have to live in hiding anymore. On the one hand Bod’s life was full of peace and relief; he no longer had to be afraid of an attack. On the other hand, he was swollen with fear and dread for what the new world held in store for him.

Although safe and secure now Bod had to leave the graveyard so that he could start his own life in the living world. Silas had told him that he was too old to remain here and had to move on. The thought of striking out on his own was unbearable. Silas had been his friend, influential role- model and most importantly his guardian for most of his life. Silas had fulfilled his promise; he had stayed with him until he was grown up. Bod was distraught at the thought of not having Silas or anyone else at his side as he embarked on unknown territory. On the outside Silas was being brave for Bod. In the inside Silas was devastated at losing Bod forever.

Mournfully as Bod walked towards his parents’ house, he contemplated breaking the tragic news to them. This was a heart-breaking situation, heart-breaking because Bod was their only child whom they loved dearly. As he approached his parents, they knew by the anguished look on his face that something was terribly wrong. “What’s wrong, what’s wrong?” they repeatedly screamed as they ran up to him. Choking up, he managed to finally tell them that it was time for him to leave. His parents knew this day was inevitable and imminent as Bod had grown up, but now, the day had arrived, they felt a volcano of sorrow erupting in their heart. “I must leave today,” Bod informed them. Inside they gasped, outside they put on a brave face. Masking their emotions like a clown they encouraged Bod “It will be fine, you will get used to it.”

As nightfall draped its curtain over the graveyard, Bod stood by the gate ready to leave. He tapped his pocket to ensure that his passport and money that Silas had thoughtfully given him was still there. Surrounded by distraught faces, Bod despaired the journey of the graveyard! He wailed loudly as he realised that he would never see his family again. How would he possibly live without them? Inconsolable tears gushed from his eyes like a waterfall. Grief-stricken his parents embraced Bod so tightly that he thought his ribs would break, Silas gently pulled Bod away and said, “You must go now,” then pushed him out of the gate.

Bod walked into his new life bereft and morose. Questions burned in his head, “Where can I stay?, “How will I eat?”. Although he had never been alone, he surprisingly knew it would be OK. As he set off to find a new home he was quite looking forward to the change ahead…’

Chess Success

During the 2017 spring term North Ealing took part in the Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge. This involved playing seven games of chess against other children in North Ealing School over seven weeks. Because of the short spring term and our late start we only completed all seven rounds of the tournament during the last week of the spring term.

The results were;

1st – Christo S (3G), 2nd – Shiang T (5C), 3rd – Kaito O (2SH)

The highest scoring girl was Parnika P (5D) and the highest scoring Year 4 boy , under 9, was Christian L (4B).

Well done to these five children – they qualify for the next round of the chess tournament playing against children from other schools in the local area Megafinal to be held in Richmond on 3 June. And well done to all the children who took part in the North Ealing chess tournament.

Five North Ealing children also participated in a Schools On Line chess tournament playing against a number of other schools on Wednesday afternoon. The five players were Christo S (3G), Shiang T (5C), Sina N (5D), Parnika P (5D) and Aneesh C (5D). They played three other schools in January and won all three of their matches to finish top of their mini league. They will also be taking part in a Schools On Line chess tournament again this term.

We also hope to have a match, this term, with a group from Ealing Chess Club team. More details to follow.  Mrs Bruley and Mr Housego.


Last half term, 20 February to 31 March, we achieved 97.23% attendance for the whole school. 3G had the best class attendance by achieving an impressive 97.9% and 6F had the best class for the fewest amount of late children.  Well done everyone!

Please remember to keep advising the School Office of any absences.  You can do this by leaving a message on our absence line, texting or emailing the school. Many thanks for your help in this matter.

Be In The Know



Nursery have welcomed new classmates in after the Easter break. They are all settling really well into life at North Ealing and we look forward to a productive summer term.

Key Stage 1


The children in Key Stage 1 have returned refreshed and ready for a busy Summer term. There are plenty of exciting things to look forward to over the next few weeks with trips, fetes and sports days all on the horizon over the term. Let’s hope the weather gives us a helping hand.




A reminder that Year 2 SATs week will take place week beginning 15th May 2017. Although the SATs get a fair amount of coverage in the press, please reassure your children and minimise anxiety; the tests form only one part of the overall teacher assessment. It is helpful to make sure that the children are getting plenty of rest, a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast.


The Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPAG) test remains optional this year and we have decided not to administer this particular test; the assessment for this aspect is to come from the children’s writing over the term so please continue to help with the weekly spellings as they come home.


Please avoid booking appointments and holidays during this time.

Key Stage 2


The term is moving on and the Year 6 SATs exams will take place from Monday 8th to Thursday 11th May. This can be a stressful time for the children (and for parents) and it is important to provide plenty of encouragement and support to minimise any anxieties they may be feeling. The children have worked very hard and are determined to do their best. In the build up to SATs we encourage you to ensure that your child:

  • Is in school that week and they are on time
  • has everything ready for school the night before
  • has a good night’s sleep
  • has a good breakfast



Interfaith Week

Interfaith week begins June 12th 2017.

We will be looking for volunteers to run workshops, storytelling, cooking and a range of activities linked to the different faiths and cultures found at North Ealing. Please contact Miss Twyman via the school office by Monday 5th June for further information and if you are interested in helping during the week.


Harrison Catering – Outstanding Balances

Important information – please ensure your account is in credit


Year 6 Information

Please remember that any pupil in Year 6 taking lunches and paying for meals must have paid for their meal in advance in order to take a lunch. Any Year 6 pupil that has any debt will not be allowed to have a Harrison’s lunch and will have to bring in a packed lunch until their account is back in credit.

Year 3 – Year 5 Information

Year 3 – 5 school dinner accounts with a debt of £23.00 or more will not be served a Harrison’s lunch. These children will need to bring in a packed lunch until the debt is cleared.


  • Do you have 2 – 3 hours a week to spare?
  • Do you have parenting experience and an understanding of the issues local families face?
  • Can you provide help, support and friendship to a local family (under the age of 5 years)?
  • We welcome volunteers with language skills? In particular, Polish, Somali, Arabic, Urdu, Panjabi, Gujarati, Persian/Farsi and Tamil.
  • You can make a significant difference to a family in your local community.

Our Volunteer Preparation Course starts on Wednesday 17th May 2017 (with a break for half term).

Please contact our office on 020 8842 1617 or email for an application pack.


News from the Appalachian Trail

It has been nearly a month (27 days) since we’ve set out on our trek along the Appalachian Trail! We have travelled over 340 miles on foot. Aidan and I have each lost a stone in body weight – but eat every hour of our days. Our longest day was 23 miles and took 11 hours of near non-stop hiking to complete. We have done additional 20 mile days, but we hike about 15 miles a day on average. We climbed many tall Mountains, the tallest being Clingman’s Dome in Tennessee at 2,025 meters tall. We have seen lots of wildlife along the way – bears, snakes, bobcats, salamanders, wild turkeys, owls, cardinals, hawks, goldfinches, chipmunks, woodchucks, deer and millions of insects. 

Spring has been peeking out from the dormant woods, but besides the abundant wildflowers, hasn’t yet shown its full bounty. We have hiked through snowstorms and wind gusts and hail and thunder and lightning. It has been biting cold and blistering hot. We have walked through large areas of forest ravaged by wildfire (caused by two boys playing with matches) and past a neighbouring mountain currently burning with wildfire from a lightning strike. It has rained everyday for the last nine days and all of our gear is soaking wet. Aidan thinks the hardest thing so far is having to put on cold and wet clothes in the mornings – I tend to agree. 

Aidan and Scott (Phena’s 3C Brother and Dad)

Uniform Reminder

Please remember to send your child to school in full uniform.


NURSERY CLASS Boys and Girls: Navy blue school logo sweatshirt, navy tracksuit trousers, white polo shirt. Sensible, dark coloured school shoes or black trainers.

RECEPTION YEAR Boys: grey trousers, socks, white polo shirt, navy blue school logo sweatshirt. Summer: grey shorts and polo shirt. Girls: grey pinafore dress, skirt or grey trousers, white polo shirt, navy blue school logo sweatshirt. Summer: dress in blue/white stripes or blue/white checks, or white polo shirt “Working & Learning Together”

YEARS 1-6 Boys: grey trousers, socks, white buttoned shirt, school tie and grey jumper. Summer grey shorts Girls: grey pinafore dress, skirt or grey trousers, white buttoned blouse, school tie and grey cardigans. Summer: dress in blue/white stripes or blue/white checks

SHOES (RECEPTION – YEAR 6) Boys and Girls: sensible, dark coloured school shoes. Children should not wear open-toed sandals or Crocs. Black trainers.

P.E. KIT Navy shorts, yellow school logo T-shirt and black plimsolls – all in a labelled bag. Tracksuits may be worn for outdoor games in winter – school logo sweatshirt and plain navy tracksuit trousers PLEASE ENSURE YOUR CHILD’S NAME IS ON EVERY ITEM OF SCHOOL CLOTHING

Scooters and Bikes

Please remember that scooters and bikes should be dismounted from before entering the school playground.  They then need to be walked to the relevant bike sheds located by the school house and the Summerfield Road entrance, to be stored.

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