Friday 31st March 2017

‘Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life’……SD Gordon


Head Teacher’s Comments

March is always an incredibly busy month and the children have enjoyed an exciting range of extra-curricular activities alongside their usual schedule.

World Book Day

Book day was a huge success and thanks to all those who made it so special. Miss Matkin and Ms Webber worked very hard to make the parades fun and by organising the book sale.Thanks also to Nathan Tomlinson for coming to school and telling the children about writing his second novel.  The children were very excited to get hold of his second book and catch up on the ‘Bike Shed Bully Hunters.’

Science Week

Thanks to Miss Page and Mrs McCready for organising a fun and interesting week for all. The children really benefit from a more enquiry based approach to learning and Science has been a focus for this term, please look out for the displays around school. The week ended with the school turning off as much electricity as possible for Earth Hour, it was very peaceful in school for a change!

School Council

The team have had a very busy month organising Earth Hour, Red Nose Day/ PJ day, which raised an amazing £455, and working alongside Harrisons on our Healthy Eating campaign.

Healthy Eating

Thanks to all those parents who completed the packed lunch questionnaire. Following the Spring Break we will be launching our new Heathy Eating Policy. We continue to work with Harrisons to make our school dinners healthier but also we will focus on helping people to make their pack lunches healthier. Please read the new policy when it is published in April. We will be putting slips in lunch boxes to remind everyone how to make lunches healthier, during the Summer Term


Some of our highlights this term have been a visit from a Dad at the school, who is embarking on a very exciting journey,

‘Beginning March 31st 2017, my teenaged son Aidan and I will be hiking the 2,180 mile Appalachian Trail.  The trail follows the Appalachian Mountain Range across 14 of the United States of America. Traversing one of the oldest ranges on the planet, the trail begins in the south at Springer Mountain in Georgia and finishes far to the north on the summit of Mount Katahdin in the Maine wilderness. Hiking the “AT” has been a life-long goal. Aidan and I are in a unique and extremely fortunate position in our lives to be able to embark on this journey.’

Please follow the link for more information:  

We have also been talking about Kindness at school and each class have been given a special award cup from Place 2 Be. This cup will be awarded to children who show acts of kindness within school and will encourage all of us to be that bit kinder each day.  We are linking this to our school values concerned with Nurture and being Harmonious. Please support this initiative at home as much as possible.


The long awaited report was produced on 7th March 2017 and can be found on the school website, please take the time to read the report. It was a very tough process but we were very pleased with the outcome.  After reading the report a number of parents have asked why we did not achieve an outstanding grade and I thought it would be useful to explain the reasons behind that. North Ealing had a section 8 inspection which is a short inspection to confirm how a school self-evaluates itself based on a range of evidence. The criteria for achieving good within the framework is very different to the last Inspection carried out 5 years ago, since the bar has been raised significantly. We were confident that we would achieve a secure good.  In order to achieve outstanding we would have to a section 5 Inspection which is a much longer process for schools and converts the grade.


We would like to congratulate Miss Matkin who has returned to New Zealand to get married over the Spring Break.

We would also like to congratulate Mr Facey and his wife and send our best wishes on the birth of their son.

School Gardens

We are so fortunate to have two wonderful Mums who volunteer in school to keep the gardens and playgrounds tidy and full of bright plants. They are also running a gardening club with the Year 3 and 4 children who are learning a fantastic skill and having fun. Each week there is a new plant or area developing and it really adds to the high quality of our environment.


Well done to the continued hard work of the PTA this term, the quiz night, Phil the Bag and Easter activities have once again raised much needed funds for the school. We are particularly grateful to the PTA for funding the first phase of the playground development in the Year 2 and Year 3 playground. Please get involved with the PTA as I know that they are always desperate for more people to help. We are hoping that everyone will be able to attend the Summer Fete on Saturday 20th May.

Spring Concert

On Wednesday night parents, carers and staff were invited to attend our annual concert where they enjoyed high quality performances by our choir, orchestra, individual instrumentalists, singers and Irish dancers. The children are always so well supported by Mr Mehew and Mrs Goodall whose passion and commitment to raising the status of music in NES was evident on the night. Thanks to all the children for their incredibly enthusiastic participation and we look forward to the summer music events.

Can I take this opportunity to wish you all a relaxing and fun Spring Break and we look forward to a very active Summer Term.


Pupil Achievements



The following poem was a runner up for a NACE (National Association for Able Children in Education) competition.  It was written by Luca in 5D.

New Beginnings/New Boy

My heart is beating fast

I now must give up the past

A place came up at a good school

They say new beginnings are cool

So why do I feel so scared

As I walk to my new school

Feeling so unprepared

Change is not an easy thing

North Ealing School I admit

Does have a nice ring

Will I make friends

How will it begin?

I worry I may not fit in

Please don’t leave me mum

I don’t want to be the new boy in this place

I try to put on a brave face

Good luck Luca

Mrs DeGale is your new teacher

She smiles, phew it’s good to meet her!

We are going to assembly

As the head teacher tells us a story

About the Quangle Wangle hat

And I start to relax when I hear that

We start lessons one about freedom

And how in some places it had to be won

Now at art lesson it’s Halloween

Kind of fun it has been

I was not alone

Everyone tried to make me feel at home

Tomorrow is a new day

A few children call out my name

I am feeling in a good mood

New beginnings maybe can be quite good


Here are a few other poems written by children in Year 4:


My Dreams by Nina in 4N

My dreams conjure up spectacular images

Young dreams of child heroes and peace in the world

Dreams of birds flying free and slaves running with glee

Righteous adults help the poor and do what it takes to stop the war

Every soul on Earth breaking through from their birth

A dream that will need effort and care

Miraculously changing everywhere

Some dreams fail some succeed my one won’t because it has the greatest need


My Dreams by Sienna 4N

If I could catch my dreams and keep them in a jar

I’d watch them like fireflies, flicking like stars

They would grow and I’d let them go to see how far they can fly

Lighting the pitch black sky

As they soar throughout the night


My Dreams by Abigail in 4N

My dream is for girls to be equal to boys

Every child to have its very own toys

War to be gone and peace here

Love all around us, leaving us smiling ear to ear

Every child to have an education

Something to come out of my pure dedication

Air to be clean, people not to be mean

Peace, laughter and joy filling the world


My Dreams by Maria 4N

Hold fast dreams die life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly

Hold fast to dreams for when dreams go life is a barren filled frozen with snow

You can list reasons not to chase dreams

You could reel them off all day or you could stop making excuses and get out of your own way

Sometimes the best thing that you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess

Just breath and have faith that everything will work out for the best


Below in an excerpt from a story by Suzie in 6M:

Every day the same people come in and out of my tattered old butchers shop. Mrs Barnsley is one of my most cheerful customers. She compliments me on my ragged shorts and asks “How are you Mr Nute?” day after day. She skips in with her coupons at the ready and doesn’t take any time choosing the plumpest leg of lamb not like Mr Willow who spends 10 mins picking at each and every one. Miss Angelina can always be seen darting from shop to shop doing errands for her poor mum who is very ill at the moment and cannot use her legs. I know everyone in town except for a thin puny girl with short home cut hair and dirty rags to wear. She gazes longingly at the hunks of meat and tender legs of lamb every day. I used to wander outside hoping for her name or where she lives, but she sprints away before I can even get outside.


The updated Attendance Policy is attached to the newsletter and can also be found on the school website. Please familiarise yourself with the new policy.







Be In The Know


Nursery children were enchanted by the visit of the Rainbow Fairy last week. She took them on a tour of all the healthy food around us and, agreeing with our aims at North Ealing, encouraged the children to make healthy choices when eating. In one lesson, the children showed me how I could make myself a healthy vegetable soup and I am impressed by the number of budding chefs we have at North Ealing.

In Reception the children learnt more about the great outdoors with a trip to Perivale Woods. Here they learnt how to make a trap for the Wizard Lizard, went on a mini beast hunt and brought back to school their very own wormery. It is fantastic to have such a great resource on our doorstep.

Key Stage 1

Last week Year 1 all visited the Barbican to take part in an interactive retelling of the Stan and Mabel story. They sang songs they had been learning in school and were accompanied by the London Symphony Orchestra – the children were really excited and engaged in the whole event which was lovely to see.

We also had two class assemblies from Year 1. The pupils in 1J had worked very hard on their assembly. They spoke very clearly and were word perfect with their lines and the choreography of movement in the three songs they sang. They told us about the traditional tales they had been studying in class and gave a dramatised reading of the Snow White story. It was truly dramatic when Snow White collapsed after eating the apple! The assembly also focussed on the importance of friendship and the children shared their thoughts on friendship with their audience.

1H also gave a fantastic display last Friday. After singing everyone a very good morning, they went on to share with us their learning on animals. We saw a wonderful retelling of ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ and through this we explored how we are all different but we have all got ways in which we can contribute and participate. As well as their thoughts on friendship, the children also had examples of their written work to share. As always, a big thank you to the teachers who helped the children to put on such a great show.

Year 2 have spent some time getting in the mood for the holiday by plotting journeys and thinking about what it would be like to be in different locations across the world. They also spent time visiting Reception classes to read them their stories that they had written earlier in the term. It was much enjoyed by all who took part.

Key Stage 2

It has been a busy half term for KS2 and this is continuing to the end of term.  The classes are taking advantage of the more clement weather and have been out and about. Year 5 enjoyed a visit to the St Benedict’s School Science fair which was hosted by the Year 8 students, including former NES pupils. The following week the Year 5 pupils were invited back to St Benedict’s to attend a Dance Show. Year 6 visited the Houses of Parliament, took part in a debate arranged by the education service and met out local MP Steve Pound. Year 3 have visited the Roald Dahl Museum in Great Missenden and Year 4 attended a concert at the Barbican this week.  In school, Year 6 turned back time to Ancient Greece and recreated the experience in their classrooms as the finale of this term’s history topic.

This half term, class assemblies, so far, have had a focus on science. 6MW took a forensic approach and used a court room setting to decide on the guilt of a suspect using the science of light in evidence. 5J took ‘A Night at the Museum’ as a theme for their assembly. This adventure in science included gravity, forces, a rap about the phases of the moon – and a stray gorilla!  In both assemblies both the pupils and staff need to be thanked for their hard work and inspiration. 4G’s assembly was today and a report will appear in the next newsletter.

Year 6 are busy preparing for their SATs tests next term. Two parent information talks were given on the 15th March – the information for these talks can be found on the school website.

Next term, Year 5 will be visiting the Isle of Wight and in preparation for this the Year 5 staff gave information talks for parents on Tuesday 28th March. The information from these talks will be posted on the school website.


Home Start Training Course Volunteers Required – For May 2017 Training Course:

  • Do you have 2 – 3 hours a week to spare?
  • Do you have parenting experience and an understanding of the issues local families face?
  • Can you provide help, support and friendship to a local family (under the age of 5 years)?
  • You can make a significant difference to a family in your local community.

A Volunteer Preparation Course starts on Wednesday 17th May 2017

Sessions will run from 9:45am – 2:30pm and will take place on every Wednesday for 6 weeks, (with a break for half term).

Please contact 020 8842 1617 or email for an application pack.



Fit for Sport Easter Holiday Camp at Montpelier School

Fit For Sport the UK’s leaders in engaging and educating children through physical activity has,  for over 25 years, been running Activity Camps in over 100 venues across the country each and every holiday period. As such, we believe that you would be interested to know that Fit for Sport are running Activity Camps at the following venues this coming Easter.:

Montpelier Primary School <>

Twyford Sports Centre <>

and Oxygen <

School holidays can be a real struggle for parents to take time out of work to look after their children. Fit for Sport’s solution is to provide action-packed activity days full of variety for children from 8.30am – 5.30pm each day. Please click on the relevant links to find out the full details including costs and timetables of the activities on offer.


Pete’s basketball club at North Ealing is recruiting new members for the Summer term 2017.

Help improve your child’s coordination, agility, strength, speed, throwing and catching etc. by contacting Pete, a qualified basketball level 2 coach, on 07956 127 904 alternatively you can email him at


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