Friday 11th November 2016

Develop a passion for learning. If you do you will never cease to grow’ ……. Anthony J. D’Angelo


Headteacher’s Comments

The Launch of our New Learning Zone

A big thank you to the PTA for funding our new Managed Learning Environment please log on and take a look. You can reach it from the school website or by searching for:

Anti-Bullying Week 2016

The week beginning 14 November 2016 is the annual anti-bullying week. Our School Council have been very active in organising a poster competition for the children to design anti- bullying posters including strategies for dealing with any occurrences in bullying. During our whole school assembly we will be debating issues such as: 

  • If someone is being bullied online, should they just shut down their account?               
  • Should all forms of bullying be against the law?
  • When does banter become bullying?
  • Bullying only happens in schools?

Of course at NES we work hard with the children all the time in order to recognise and combat any bullying that happens in their lives and the anti-bullying week allows us to raise the profile of this very serious issue.

Please encourage you children to enter the poster competition, wear blue to school on Friday 18th November and enter into the debate about bullying. Please look at our new for further information.

Home School Agreement

You will see that a Home School Agreement has been sent home today. We needed to update this agreement in line with our learning values and felt it was important to continue to emphasise the strong partnership between home and school. Please can you take the time to read through with your child/children and if your child is in KS2 please sign and return a copy to school. Thanks for your cooperation in this matter.

Gardening Club

We are so grateful that the NES Gardening club has been resurrected by two very kind Mums, if anyone has any additional time to help this great cause please let us know. We have also organised an assembly about growing food at school and we will be looking at how we can get this off the ground in the Spring Term.

Homework and Reading Records

Please can we remind all parents and children that homework should be handed in on time every week. Our NES surveys show that the community want regular homework and we are very committed to this as a school. We also ask that the children all have their reading records in school signed by the person they read with at home. We will start sending regular reminders home to any children who are regularly forgetting homework or their reading records. It is also essential that you spend a little bit of time each day reading or sharing a book with your children. I have recently been reading with a number of children across the school who are telling me that they do not read with anyone at home on a regular basis, so please get reading.

Staff Training

At last week’s staff training session we were fortunate to have an external trainer, Bill Bolloten, who is an expert on SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural development). SMSC is an important part of the school curriculum as it helps to enrich and develop the children’s awareness of the world around them. The training enabled the teachers to reach a deeper understanding of how we can use the curriculum to help pupils develop these values further.


Whole School

School Council Updates

The School Council have been particularly busy this term discussing the pros and cons of our school uniform. There has been a majority vote to keep the uniform as it is. We were impressed with the debate and how the different points of view have been expressed. However, we have also made it clear that if we are keeping the uniform it must be worn correctly and the children must make a continuous effort to look smart at all times. For example, the white shirts must be tucked in and ties worn correctly and the correct PE kits worn and in school when needed. Please see our school uniform policy on the school website for more information.

Football – North Ealing 3  St. Joseph’s 1

Our school boys’ team played a brilliant football match on Thursday 3rd November in the second match of the season.

Mr Burns has a great array of players to choose from, as talent is ripe in the squad this season. Four players made their North Ealing debut in this match; Elliot (Y6), Joe, Adam and Daniel (Y5). All three excellent goals came from Aston (Y6) one of which was assisted by Daniel (Y5) on his debut. Captain and goalkeeper Greg (Y6) did a great job of keeping the boys motivated when we conceded a goal. There were also strong performances from Shun, Adam, Aidan and Tom (Y6). This match was our second win in the Peal Shield Competition and our next fixture will be away to Mount Carmel in December.

Pupil Achievements

I had the pleasure last week of visiting two Year 6 English lessons. The focus of the lessons was the use of figurative language in poems and a comparison with the use of literal language. The standard of work in the Year 6 English books is phenomenal and the level of discussion in the lessons was outstanding. We are publishing a poem by Alix in 6F, something to be framed and kept for life. I particularly enjoyed the note to Mr Facey at the end of the poem, an amazing display of our positive behaviours for learning at work. Mrs Flowers.

The Monster

Look out!

Another slice of mouldy pizza

Heading our way!

We better run,

We better hide,

Unless we want to end our lives!

Here he comes,

The monster’s here,

And his expression’s very clear!

He wants to shout,

He wants to scream,

All he wants is to be mean!

He’s crying and he’s pouting,

He’s stomping and he’s shouting,

He’s throwing us against the wall,

I’ve broken my arm,

I’ve broken my leg,

All we can do now is beg!

A putrid sock covers me

Another one disguises Lily!

We’re just toy lions,

Stop we plead,

Your smelly room’s enough for me!

By Alix


I have very recently started to enjoy writing poems of all sorts and I absolutely love them. I do think I may become a poet when I am older……Alix.

Mr Facey’s reply:

Of course you can Alix – you have a natural talent for writing


Last half term, 6th September to 21st October, the whole school attendance figures were 97.6%.

3G had the best class attendance as well as the best lateness record along with 1J and 6F. E-cards have been sent out to all class attendees.  Well done everyone for a fantastic achievement.  Keep it up!

Be In The Know


Reception classes, whilst exploring stories and rhymes, have been fortunate to have several of their parents come into school to read stories in different languages. This has been great for all children as a real celebration of the diversity within our school. Nursery children have been introduced to Teddy who will be visiting all of them over the course of the year and feeding back to the classes about all the exciting things that happen outside of school.

This time of year brings with it many festivals and events and the EYFS have been learning about Diwali, Bonfire Night and Remembrance Day. It was lovely to join in with all the school for a two minute silence on Friday 11th November to mark this special day.

Through all of this the children have been thinking about our School Values and particularly how we can show that we are Harmonious and Independent.

Key Stage 1

October was Black History Month and children have been busy learning about this important time of year in assemblies and in lessons. They have thought of and written questions to Rosa Parks and they have also written some very impressive pieces of poetry on the theme of peace. In Year 2 children have been studying the exciting topic of space and have been learning about Neil Armstrong. On the horizon is a trip to a Gurdwara which we are all excited about.

Key Stage 2

So far this term KS2 have had two Class Assemblies. 4B was about Fairtrade and in an informative and entertaining way traced the journey of a banana from tree to supermarket. 6M’s assembly focus was on freedom and they looked at key people who have been instrumental in fighting for Human Rights. Many thanks to Mrs Bruley, Miss Matkin and both classes for all their hard work.

Year 4 visited Ealing Abbey last week as part of their R.E. work and Year 5 had the opportunity to visit the Sky Skills Studio this week.

Finally, our KS2 netball team competed in a tournament at Ellen Wilkinson High School. They made a great team effort and came 4th in their group, by 1 point. Special thanks go to Edie (Y6) who was the coach and manager on the day.


Pick Up Arrangements

Please can we remind parent/carers to inform their class teacher first thing in the morning if there are any changes to your regular pick up arrangements. Please only contact the school office if your arrangements have been changed unexpectedly or in an emergency. This minimises the disruption caused to the children’s learning as all new arrangements have to be telephoned through to the class.

Schoolcomms Update

If you are experiencing difficulty getting on to the school gateway or you are not receiving emails, please come to the school office and ask for a ‘how to’ guide to reinstate. The problem may lie with messages going into the junk mail folder rather than your inbox and Schoolcomms have sent us some instructions on how to rectify this.


As you are aware all children who pay for a school lunch must be in credit on their Harrison’s account to receive a meal. If your account is in debit we will contact you to bring in a packed lunch. Please ensure you have made provision for your child to have a lunch every day.

Parent Governor Elections

Please can we remind you that the ballot papers issued to families earlier this week should be returned to the school by 3pm on Tuesday 15th November 2016. The voting papers should be returned by post to the school in an envelope marked ‘Parent Governor Elections – November 2016’ or placed in the ballot box which is in the school link. The results of the election will be displayed in the entrance to the school for a period of 7 days from Wednesday 16th November 2016 and will be circulated to all parents at the schools earliest convenience.

Healthy Lunchbox Survey

Next week we will be sending out a Healthy Lunchbox Survey which is linked to our Healthy Schools Policy.  Please ensure that you complete and return the survey accordingly.


Please remember to park and stride if you drive your children to school. Please avoid using Summerfield Road and Woodbury Park. We would be grateful if you could all be considerate to others and in the spirit of courtesy please address any concerns in an appropriate and civil manner.


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